Data Integration and Systems Implementation Analyst

Jakarta, Indonesia
21 days ago
Full time role


SYSTEMIQ orchestrates system change in clean energy, circular material solutions and sustainable land use. This means re-imagining our industries, re-configuring ...

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Job Description

Company Description

SYSTEMIQ is a different kind of company. Our purpose is to catalyse good disruptions in critical economic systems, with a current focus on land use/forestry, energy, and materials/circular economy. These disruptions are not only vital to the future of humanity and our planet, they also open up immense opportunities for the businesses that drive them. The UN Global Goals and the Paris Agreement have set the targets we must reach to protect the earth and make sure everyone in the growing global population has a chance to prosper. But, so far, most change has been incremental. We need to transform economic systems much faster to hit the targets and stop the degradation of natural resources.

SYSTEMIQ connects the right people, ideas, technologies, and capital to transform economic systems. We do this through four five activities:

  1. Convene and support coalitions of leaders to shape policies and business strategies that will rapidly transform economic activity
  2. Work with companies that want to be pioneers in and drivers of change towards more sustainable systems
  3. Co-create and incubate the market solutions most likely to build regenerative economic systems
  4. Invest our own venture capital and expertise in opportunities with the biggest potential to drive rapid system change
  5. Direct larger pools of capital into regenerative economic systems, so that these scale and multiply.

In order to deliver in these areas, we recruit and develop distinctive and varied individuals who strive to achieve our mission, challenge the status quo and act as change leaders.

ANALYTIQ – the SYSTEMIQ analytics backbone

World-class analytics is not sufficient to drive true system-level change, but it is a necessary ingredient. That's why SYSTEMIQ has ANALYTIQ, a dedicated core unit designed to apply top-tier analytics to address the most complex system challenges.

ANALYTIQ harnesses a diverse array of analytical methodologies, from system optimization techniques like power and material flow modelling, to GIS modelling, as well as digital app development, which ranges from creating simple dashboards to designing tailor-made web applications. We employ these techniques to accelerate transitions across all SYSTEMIQ impact platforms, including energy, materials, sustainable finance, nature, and cities.

We have a long track-record of making system-changing impact with our analytics, as seen in Mission Possible PartnershipBreaking the Plastic WavePlastic IQPlastSimulator, among others. We are now looking to further scale our 15 people ANALYTIQ team and expand our impact.


We're seeking a talented Data Integration and Systems Implementation Analyst to join our ANALYTIQ team. In this role, you'll work across all our platform areas, leveraging your skills to create first-rate analytical models that address a myriad of topics. As part of your journey, you'll cultivate expertise in areas like strategy advisory, sustainable finance, coalition building, and venture capital.

Your work will be highly strategic and involve collaboration with leading institutions in the field. This international role is aimed at delivering substantial, system-level impact on the world. You'll become part of a dynamic team of analytic experts who are dedicated to fostering system change through their work.

To thrive in this role, you'll need to showcase advanced problem-solving, analytical, and relationship-building skills that can drive breakthrough insights and actions, leading to impactful results.


We are looking for a highly motivated analyst to join our team. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of system design architecture, data models, programming languages (preferably Python), and software development fundamentals. We are looking for individuals that have experience with data management, data engineering, SQL, database management, and building out interactivity visualisations. They will be able to work independently and as part of a team to deliver high-quality projects on time and within budget.


  • Plan, design, and implement new and existing project and data management systems, including working with stakeholders to gather requirements and define specifications.
  • Create robust data pipelines with underpinning data management and storage process.
  • Build out interactive applications to deliver insights to users.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest technologies, including PMO tool management, data engineering, Python, data visualization tools, SQL, and database management.

Skills / Experience:


  • Strong quantitative/analytical background, owning bachelor's degree at a minimum in computer science, engineering, project management, data science, or a related field.
  • Recent graduate or up to 2 years of work experience.
  • Experience managing ETL processes and working with API’s.
  • Developing and maintain PostgreSQL and PostGIS databases.
  • Experience working with proprietary project management tools such as Wrike and
  • Proficiency with programming languages, preferably Python.
  • Experience designing and building out system’s architecture with a strong understanding of system architecture principles and software development methodologies.
  • Experience with data visualization software such as Dash, PowerBI, and/or Tableau.
  • Professional level in English writing and speaking skills.
  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Passion for sustainability and making a positive impact on the planet, and a keen willingness to learn a broader set of skills to deliver impact.

Beneficial additional skills

  • Experience working with geospatial vector and raster data, conducting GIS assessments, and conducting remote sensing analysis.
  • Experience and interest in delivering geospatial applications with accompanying skills (Dash, HTML/CCS, Django/JS/HTMX)
  • Knowledge of carbon accounting methodologies and methodologies to measure and value impact on nature.
  • Previous experience working with the sustainability industry and working with nature-related issues.

Other information

You must have full rights to work in the country location you are applying for.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that diversity and inclusion are at the heart of system change and the mission we have set ourselves. So we commit ourselves to:

Embedding diverse and inclusive ways of working from day to day. This includes recruitment, performance management, and people processes and policies.

Providing a supportive environment. We want people to be themselves and be at their best, regardless of their background, personality, gender, sexual orientation, race, mental health, religion, or other characteristics.

Enabling a long-term, sustainable approach to work and life more generally. We want to support our people at all stages of their lives – as parents or caregivers, through changing life circumstances – and to accommodate personal priorities where they matter most.

SYSTEMIQ orchestrates system change in clean energy, circular material solutions and sustainable land use. This means re-imagining our industries, re-configuring ...

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