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We’re an early-stage startup that cares passionately about solving the climate crisis. We believe that forests are the most effective, safe, ...

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Terraformation is executing a focused strategy to massively accelerate the rate of global forest restoration as a solution to climate change.

Global reforestation is not the only solution the climate needs, but it is one of the most effective, affordable, and immediately scalable. The successful restoration of billions of acres of new, biodiverse forests will significantly close the gap in our climate problem.

This strategy has two key parts:
1. Mobilize sufficient operational capacity to execute large-scale reforestation projects.

2. Crafting a global communications campaign that educates key decision-makers and the public about the effectiveness of this strategy, the urgency of the mission, and drives desire for our solutions and those of our partners and allies.

The first part is being done by our combined multidisciplinary Forestry + Tech + Finance + Science team.

The second part is spearheaded by our Marketing and Communications team.

Our first Head of Communications created a great foundation for this campaign, recruiting a core team and creating the foundation of our company’s narrative. She has recently departed to take another position.

Terraformation is looking for an experienced communications leader who can:

Understand the complex discourse around climate issues:
Climate change is a complex topic that affects every human being on Earth. As a result, it has the largest possible audience and the greatest possible diversity of opinions. You will need to navigate this discourse and speak effectively to many audiences.

Collaborate well with a multidisciplinary executive team:
Our approach brings together people from many fields, including traditional forestry, seed banking, science, technology, finance, and community leaders. Can you communicate and collaborate well with people from a great diversity of backgrounds?

Understand distinct subgroups and audiences within the climate discourse:
Make a seemingly simple and uncontroversial statement, and different people will hear different things. In turn, they will prompt reactions from others listening in.  Our ideal candidate will anticipate and predict these responses in advance, and know how to craft a narrative that is understood by many.

Manage the combined marketing and PR/brand team:
You’ll be taking over a small but very capable team. Can you earn their respect and amplify their work?

Build on our existing foundation to take our communications efforts to a new level.
Your predecessor built an amazing comms team out of nearly nothing, and it’s a key reason why Terraformation is where it is today. What is the next level, and can you take us there?

Climate change itself is not standing still, and every day without effective action is another day lost that our children and grandchildren will pay for.

This senior communications leader will plan and execute the global PR campaign that gets the world on board with our plan and drives it forward at maximum speed.  

Location: Remote; US or European time zones

Salary: $130,000 - $150,000, plus equity (depending on location and experience)


  • Proven leadership skills with a track record of successfully mentoring and developing marketing and communications teams across multiple geographic locations
  • Extensive experience in understanding and navigating complex industries, preferably around climate change and sustainability
  • Excellent ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with a multidisciplinary executive team from various backgrounds
  • Demonstrated understanding of distinct subgroups and audiences within the climate space and the ability to craft messaging that resonates with diverse stakeholders
  • In-depth knowledge of global PR strategy and execution, with a focus on creating campaigns that drive maximum engagement and support for Terraformation's mission

About Terraformation

Terraformation is restoring the world's forests to help solve climate change and build thriving communities.

Our mission is to help solve climate change by restoring the planet’s forests. We believe that native forest ecosystems are the most effective, safe, and scalable carbon capture systems on Earth. We work with partners all over the world to accelerate successful restoration projects and scale this climate solution. 

We’re innovating in both forest tech and green finance. We’ve developed accessible, low-cost solutions to native forest restoration, including off-grid seed banks to store millions of seeds anywhere, open-source software to measure tree health and growth, and accessible forestry training programs. We’re also developing novel financing structures to support local communities as they undertake restoration projects.

We’re a unique mix of foresters, technology experts, and creative communicators brought together by our common mission.

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We are an equal opportunity employer.  We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity or Veteran status.

We’re an early-stage startup that cares passionately about solving the climate crisis. We believe that forests are the most effective, safe, ...

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