Senior Software Engineer - Full Stack (Utilities)

over 1 year ago
Full time role
San Francisco, CA, US... more
San Francisco, CA, US... more

Job Description

About Us

The future of transportation is electric and our software solves the most critical emerging grid integration challenges to ensure that the impending energy transition is clean, equitable, and resilient. Our enterprise solutions help the grid absorb the coming electrification wave with ease. Utilizing modern, cloud-native platform architecture and robust systems optimization, WeaveGrid’s software is built from the ground up to tackle the most critical network challenges while meeting the stringent regulatory, security, and reliability requirements of the utility industry.

About the job

At Weavegrid, we are working to accelerate transportation electrification and grid decarbonization. We need to enroll, retain, and shape the behavior of electric vehicle (EV) drivers in our utility clients’ programs.  

You will collaborate with your engineering, design, and product peers to build features for our utility-facing application used to manage these programs.  In this role, we will ask you to:

  • Design and implement features end-to-end across our technology stack.
  • Test your code to ensure completeness and correctness.
  • Contribute to a passionate, collaborative team building a mission-critical greenfield enterprise SaaS product.
  • Wear many hats, contributing to the highest impact projects for the company at any given time.
  • Mentor other engineers and help to create a helpful, trusting, high performing team culture and high quality, maintainable codebase
  • Work with our Python/GraphQL backend, JavaScript/TypeScript & React based frontend, relational database schema, and microservice architecture.
  • Participate in data-informed discussions to prioritize what problems we solve next and how we solve them.
  • Use Kubernetes, AWS, GitHub, Jira/Confluence, CircleCI, though experience here is not necessary.

About you

  • You want to apply your talents to meaningfully address climate change.
  • You like to use different technologies to solve different types of problems and do not hold your engineering identity within one technology. 
  • You have years of depth in at least one part of our stack, but broad exposure to the other parts as well.
  • You've helped other engineers grow and become more productive to accomplish more than you could on your own.
  • You have experience working in an object-oriented programming language - Python preferred.
  • You’re comfortable working with modern frontend technologies, including thinking about styling and UX. Our stack is TypeScript, React, NextJS, MUI, and GraphQL but specific experience isn’t necessary.
  • You are comfortable working within a microservice based architecture and have experience with Docker, Kubernetes, or other microservice technologies. 
  • You understand Agile software development, DevOps practices, and the meaning of quality assurance. 
  • You’re excited to work from home, and are available to meet with team members during reasonable local working hours.  If local to the Bay Area, you are excited about an optional office and a flexible office schedule
  • You are excited to help us build this growing company and have experience working on smaller teams or at smaller companies.
  • You care about user experience, the craft of software, and constant learning.

About the process

  • Apply, and send us your resume/CV, we’ll do our best to reply within a week.
  • Complete a coding assessment demonstrating your abilities as a full stack engineer OR hop on a video call and complete a similar coding problem with one of our engineers collaboratively in real time.
  • Interview with three small panels, spanning a variety of engineers and managers at Weavegrid.
  • Interview with our co-founders

The total compensation for this opportunity includes a base salary range of $103,000-$194,000 plus equity (stock options) and benefits. This is our target compensation range and is subject to multiple factors including role, level, experience, and location. As you go through our interview process, our recruiter will work with you to identify a competitive base salary within the proposed range and combine it with an equity package to get you excited about your future at WeaveGrid.

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