Carbon Team Manager

about 1 year ago
Full time role
Paris, IDF, FR... more
Paris, IDF, FR... more

Job Description

Sweep is hiring a Carbon Team Manager to work on our enterprise climate program software.


Climate change is the defining issue of our time. By empowering companies with technology that helps manage their climate impact, we believe Sweep can make a meaningful contribution to a better future for all of us.


Ok, sounds promising. What will I be doing?


As part of the Carbon team, you will help our team and customers along their climate journey using our SaaS tool – from how to measure and track greenhouse gas emissions, to setting reduction goals and reporting on progress towards a cleaner future. 


You will also work on making our Sweep marketplace the most diverse international offering of carbon projects, bring transparency to carbon finance, and champion new types of climate solutions that the world desperately needs to keep temperatures in check.


To be more specific, this includes:


1. Manage & grow your team 👫

  • Manage part of the Carbon / Success team and set objectives that contribute to the overall division and company goals 
  • Adopt and promote the company values within your team
  • Ensure the health of the team by regular rituals and honest feedback
  • Guide your team members in customer projects both from a technical (carbon methodology and product) perspective and on handling customer relationships
  • Guide and empower your team to execute on action plans and/or strategies
  • Encourage an open flow of ideas and opinions
  • Handle and resolve conflicts confidently within and across teams


2. Ensure successful project delivery 🔍  🌱

  • Lead strategic customer projects, structure, plan and execute the successful delivery 
  • Supervise customer projects by assigning work, allocating resources (given sector expertise and availability) appropriately and meeting goals
  • Negotiate the right balance between selling and delivering the best possible outcomes 
  • Allocate time and resources to ensure quality of the deliveries (carbon footprint, reduction targets, reduction initiatives) within and across teams 
  • Represent our mission externally, through active exchange with the carbon industry
  • Manage support requests for all customer types and solve problems fast and efficiently


3. Represent Sweep in the best way 👫

  • Interact with senior management-level employees, strategic clients and partners
  • Work closely with our customers to understand their needs 
  • Connect the dots between customer requirements, product capacity and resources you have at hand to solve problems for our customers and make them happy
  • Communicate the results to internal and external stakeholders
  • We are a “Société à mission” and we are “B-Corp” certified. Being a company with a mission is to affirm the conviction that the company has the ambition, beyond being economically efficient, to provide solutions to major societal and environmental challenges. As a B-corp certified company we need to work towards pillars: our People, our Customers, our Community, the Environment and be Responsible & Transparent. As a manager you will embody those 2 important certifications and lead by example. 


That's just right for me. What do I need to bring?


Good you asked. Some more details on who we’re looking for.


Qualifications 🏆

  • Advanced experience reading and mapping carbon footprints
  • Already managed a small team
  • Excellent communication skills (English, French), speak on an eye-to-eye level with customers and partners
  • Proven knowledge of reporting footprint standards and navigating EF/LCA databases, knowledge about Product Carbon Footprints is a plus
  • The ability to strengthen and defend Sweeps vision and tools
  • A 360° vision of a corporate climate journeys and the challenges around net zero
  • Experience in running GHG inventory projects, experience in sustainable Finance is a plus
  • Practice with customer relationship management tools


 Qualities 🧠

  • Organization skills, proactively anticipate and prevent problems,deliver solutions and decisions that have a positive and comprehensive organizational impact, influencing future events and directions.
  • Talented in handling and resolving conflicts 
  • Leadership skills, lead your employees in an efficient manner, lead with confidence
  • Good communication skills, effective communication is a staple that all the best managers have.
  • Care about your mission and take care of your team, your team is your most valuable resource.


Great, and what's in it for me?


You will be joining an exciting young business that has the humble ambition to change the world. With a proven track record in starting companies, we’re hitting the ground running and aim to have an impact fast. Joining this journey allows you to really help shape our path.


You will join a dynamic (mostly remote) team of engineers, business minds, creatives and carbon experts spread across Europe. We’re a fun bunch of people that want to work hard, and enjoy ourselves while doing so. And we believe in creating a calm environment, that knows that life is not just work, and we’ll all be doing better work because of that. 


We’re big believers in creating successful businesses that are good for everyone, including society and the planet. That’s why we’re a “Entreprise à Mission” and a Certified B Corp.


We think this might be the ride of our lives. And hopefully yours, too.

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