Company Description

At Climatebase, we're mobilizing talent to accelerate climate solutions.

We’re focused on solving one of the biggest challenges faced by organizations working on climate: Hiring.

Our platform helps people discover climate jobs and transition into the space — and in doing so, we help climate-focused organizations hire the mission-driven talent they need to succeed.

Since our launch in July 2020, Climatebase has become the world's leading platform for climate jobs, talent, and community:

  • Nearly 1 million people have used Climatebase to discover and apply to over 45k jobs at over 2,500 climate tech companies and environmental nonprofits.
  • We've built the foundation for a comprehensive hiring solution, which already includes a jobs marketplace, a talent network, a complimentary built-in Applicant Tracking System (ATS), and we've built custom integrations with all major ATSs.
  • We’ve developed one of the leading climate newsletters, Climatebase Weekly, which reaches 65,000 readers twice each week, with an average open rate above 50%. (If you’re familiar with newsletters, you’ll appreciate that open rate!)
  • We’ve recently launched our first-of-many cohort-based courses, the Climatebase Fellowship, and we've run two cohorts with over 300 Fellows, while receiving over 4,000 applicants. We’re now actively looking to scale this program while launching new, more specialized CBCs.


Climatebase is both a product-centric and community-centric technology company.

We’re the first hiring platform entirely focused on climate. With nearly 1M users since launching, we’re recognized as the go-to hiring platform connecting climate companies to a global audience of top mission-driven talent.

Our vision is to become the “LinkedIn for climate”: part employment marketplace, and part professional network for individuals and organizations mission-focused on addressing climate change.

About our team

Our remote-first team is made up of passionate, diverse, climate-concerned technologists, operators, and community builders.

We have both big-tech and startup experience, coming from major technology companies like Slack, Netflix, Oracle, and Gusto, and having spent years in the trenches early-stage startups like Make School, a software engineering education company backed by Y Combinator, Andreessen Horowitz, and Kapor Capital.

For all inquires, email:  team (@) 
Follow us on Twitter:  @climatebase 
And follow our founders:  @EvanDHynes@jhardin925, and @jesseryanhynes

Email me jobs from Climatebase


Email me jobs from Climatebase